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blaming it on the alcohol

Monday, August 25th, 2014. 2:53 p.m.

That photo is a fucking analogy of everything that’s fucked up in my life right now.

I’m going all drama queen about this.

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And that’s when it happened.

Something about those words.

Lonely. Hearts. Club.

In theory, it may have sounded depressing. But there wasn’t anything depressing about the music.

No, this Lonely Hearts Club was the opposite of depress-ing. It was alive.

The answer had been in front of me all along. There was a way to stop getting cheated on, lied to, and used.

I would stop torturing myself by dating loser guys. I would enjoy the benefits of being single. I would, for once, focus on me. 21 would be my year. It would be all about me, Cassandra, sole member and founder of The Lonely Hearts Club.

Come Together

"… you’ve got to be free …’

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